Simpsons Tapped Out

simpsons tapped outI learned of its existence in a TV ad… looked very “interesting and entertaining” ( since I love the TV series ) and entered me with curiosity to know that it was also making some buzz in facebook.

So taking advantage of that I have good iphone, and it’s completely free as a rare thing in appstore, I quickly downloaded it!

Truth is, and in reality the game is simple, has a good graphic level trying to represent “cartoons”, good sound, vivid colors, good number of secondary characters.   And in a few minutes, you know that is the game.

In the tv ad, I saw that Homer with his finger “played the virtual Homer” and I thought that would be fun to do that.  Also,  I thought that the game would have many more activities, like the fun fat Homer.

Maybe I expected something different when it comes to the Simpsons…but it was very methodical too for my taste.  A too “boring” signature and monotonous in conclusion as I played a few times and I seemed boring methodically, Miss you a little bit without grace, action, had shortened dialogue and decrease their infinite number (or Zelda there are so many) and taking note that almost every day I had updated the app, ah and apparently the idea is to buy with real money the Donuts.  I think that I had no choice but to look for some game cheats (which I found by the way! you can read it here… but it does require you to jailbreak your phone).

So its still a fun game but probably it just wasn’t my type of a game.  And by the way, they have also some Halloween update that you guys might be interested.  Still it is one of the trending game and a very good TV show game strategy executed by the makers.  Maybe you guys will love it.  who knows


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