The iPhone And The Prospects For New Year’s Eve

Sales and forecasts for Apple’s iPhone, which will be reported on Monday, could offer clues about the performance of its model of low cost 5 c, key to learn if the world’s largest technology company can continue with success in his career by the commercialization of advanced phones.

iphone 5s
Recently, raised signs that demand for the cheaper iPhone that exists on the market is lagging behind the high-end 5S model, since offered discounts have not been sufficient to motivate purchases in emerging markets. Both models of the iPhone came to the market in September.
However, some analysts say that the concerns are overblown and that greater shipments of the iPhone 5S will result in improved margins and profits.
Apple will announce its quarterly results just a week after having submitted an improved version of its popular iPad tablet, named as iPad Air. But it is the iPhone, which represents more than half of the profits of the company and is its largest margin, which occupies a central place in the concerns of the firm.
Expected Apple to announce sales of between 33 and 36 million iPhones in the fourth fiscal quarter that ended in September, which would rise to more than 50 million in the quarter from end of year holidays.
This will be the first full quarter of sales of two new phones from Apple. “The news media about reductions in the production of the 5 c are misleading in our opinion, taking into account what we believe to you have been a general strengthening of the production of the 5S and the 5 c,” said analyst Cowen & Co Timothy Arcuri in a research note.
Apple has been under pressure over the past two years to boost sales of its iPhones and iPads, in moments in which rival Samsung Electronics and the cheaper devices based on Google’s Android operating system have removed U.S. market share.
Shares of Apple have risen 12.5 percent since August, when the investor Carl Icahn revealed that they had a great stake in the maker of the iPhone and began making appeals for a new program of repurchase of shares, increasing hopes for a greater return of cash to shareholders.


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