Asphalt 8: Airborne – Not Your Conventional Racing Game

asphalt 8 airborneOne of the most anticipated games for mobile devices of recent times came to the App Store and Google Play to the delight of the speed fans. An approach with little (or no) realistic, Asphalt 8: Airborne will give us hours and hours of entertainment in which winning races depends on out track rivals or perform the most unthinkable acrobatics. Here’s our analysis of the game.

The Asphalt saga has become with a good legion of fans waiting this release with avidity, and is not for less. It’s one of the games designed for mobile devices of natively most powerful of those we can find in the app for iOS, Android, Amazon stores… and soon also in Windows.

A reasonable price: 0,89 EUR

You just have to take a small look at the size of Asphalt 8 to realize the magnitude of the game: nothing less 1.4 GB of space occupied in the memory of the iPad that we’ve tried it. That Yes, from the beginning we have the feeling that the download time and money (as little as 89 cents) invested have deserved the penalty, and it is that we we have one of the games for mobile and tablets of higher quality and more fun to date.

To begin with, the price is almost something symbolic. However, if we compare it with the Real Racing 3, for example, well deserves pay those 90 cents and be able to play until they bleed us eyes without waiting end of car maintenance or upgrades are installed. The gaming experience is much more rewarding without us is not obliged to make stops, unless we want to spend extra money.

On the other hand, it is also true that the difficulty level has risen regarding the previous delivery, perhaps not so much in the races as in the task of accumulating coins to buy new cars and ride improvements. In that sense, progress is somewhat harder and if we do not want to invest money on purchases in-app, we must be aware that some careers need to repeat them on more than one occasion.

In return, the game has hit a significant leap in handiness and fun. Controls (can choose from several types in the options menu) they respond much better to the hands of the player and it is easier, despite going at full speed, do the movements that we really want to carry out in every situation. This is something fundamental because that in a game of such a good response from Simulator reward in major grade player with good reflexes and more agility at the controls.

As we say, the skill becomes a determining factor to the time we advance in the game, but there are times that with that not enough and will need to improve the car. Put the first developments will be relatively cheap, but then the price starts to be prohibitive and at times reach an improvement will require enough effort on our part.

On the track, as in these types of games, more risks assume is expected when you drive faster; whenever we go out unscathed, of course. Pick up a ramp and fly several metres will do we fill our bar of nitro. If we can, in addition, make a turn in the air, better than best. There are more moves that will give us extra speed, as break the urban furniture, avoid a collision with another car in the last minute, skidding (how many more meters followed better) or “stamp” to other cars in race.

Asphalt 8: Game modes

The game modes have also been enriched. Classic style which consists, simply, to reach the first goal adding other variants as the elimination (the last car disappears from the race), skids (it is stick the car by semi-circles while we continue skid), infection mode (the last car is infected and get unlimited nitro, touching the other rivals you can keep the infection), demolitions, one-on-one between manufacturers of cars etc.

Asphalt 8 Airborne drift

The multiplayer mode is a gold mine that will provide hours of entertainment. Unlike other games, our room will fill quickly and we will be playing in just 15 seconds after choosing the type of race that we want to participate. In them we may use our cars as we have improved. Pique involving online mode is even greater in the way history and has seemed perhaps the most fun part of the game.

What we think about Asphalt 8: Airborne

Ultimately, Asphalt: 8 Airborne is one of those games that deserves a special space in our tablet or smartphone, despite its weight in GB, give us action and adrenaline for a while. Its price is quite reasonable, and allows us to play as long as you want without having to suffer the stoppages. Regarding the fact of having to repeat racing to buy new cars, the truth is that they are so entertaining that neither will be somewhat laborious. Finally, if you are interested in some cool tricks about Asphalt 8 cheats, you can follow the link.


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