Buy iPhone 5S or Attached To A Company – Which is Better?

iphone 5sThe two latest phones from Apple, iPhone 5S and 5 c iPhone finally came. Which company has the best prices tag? I have to tie me to a contract? Or it is worth spending money for it without the contract?
By parties. The two mobile phones are available in Spain since Friday, October 25 in companies, Movistar, Orange, Vodafone and Yoigo. They will also be available at the Apple store, completely free.
Prior to Determining the different offers of the company, we warn that any is better than buy the phone free Apple. Release pull the 599 euros that costs 5 c iPhone or the iPhone 699 5S can be extremely painful for our coffers, but in the long run is good for us.

Here are Three Companies worth looking at:

Movistar not subsidized phones, but yes funds we sell the iPhone. You can pay in up to 24 monthly installments, without interest, but having to pay a Commission of 9%, so the iPhone 16 GB (599 euros free) 5 c would include us finally 652,91 euros. That same Committee raise 5S iPhone (free 699 euros) in 62,91 euros, so we would consist 761,90 euros.
At these prices will be added the rate that we have hired. Movistar will not bind any of the two phones at any rate in concrete or any clause of permanence.
Vodafone it subsidizes part of the expenditure of the 5S iPhone, but to change we will have to sign a stay of 18 months. Fees for the iPhone 5S will be 24.2 euros.

If we hire a network fee, we will pay a fee of 42 euros per month committing ourselves to be 18 months with the company. Thus, pay in total by phone 580 euros (24 monthly payments of 24, 2 euros) more 756 18 months of rate network, so we end up disbursing 1.336 euros.
Orange:  Offers an iPhone 5S 19,36 euros a month for 24 months – in payments by iPhone 5S – more 19 euros in commissions, so the phone would cost 483,64 euros.
But to qualify for that price, we will have to hire rate 35 whale, which costs 42 euros a month and which requires a stay of 12 months, i.e. that the 484 euros in the price of the phone should add 508 euros which gives us a total of 992 euro.

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