iPhone 4, the King of the Second Hand?

There is a legend that Apple products are expensive. It also said that they keep its value longer. First thing is difficult to ascertain, regardless of brand, they are hardly comparable with other similar products. There is no iPhones, iPads or Macs from other manufacturers. Hardware and software go hand in hand and are key to the achievement of their success.

Of the value you can check on apples used, a website where individuals offer their products of Apple. From computers a 5S brought United States iPhone vintage before that is sold in other countries.

Pelayo García (Luanco, 1984) launched this website in April 2012, alongside Javier Gutiérrez Galiano (Oviedo, 1971). The first is still in front of it. The second is in Latin America, studying the possibility of extending the business. “It could be and there is demand, but we would have to see how to make so that it is always within the same country, and study the terms of delivery and collection. Otherwise, it would be extended and would be too expensive,”says Garcia.

In places like Argentina, for example, they see it difficult. The firm’s Cupertino does not sell appliances officially due to government restrictions. It is necessary that they manufactured in the territory, although that manufacture means they are assembled. That is why Samsung, Nokia and Blackberry have factories in the country. Apple devices sold are imported and brought directly by tourists. “It’s funny, they care very much for our service. You don’t mind paying double the price marked”, he explains.

In Spain the deadlines are agreed between seller and buyer. The average is 48 hours of pick-up and 24 for delivery according to the agreement closed with the company’s deliveries Nacex. “Although everything depends on if both are at home at the time of collection and delivery,” said.

Despite the current economic situation, they say not to notice the crisis too. They just overcome a turnover of 500,000 euros from birth and in a year have grown by 40%. This has served to expand template, now have someone to support.

iphone 4s

Their benefits come from a Commission charged to the seller. The buyer, in turn, runs with shipping costs. “Is is that everyone go out winning”, underlines the responsibility. In the case of an iPad, iPhone or iPod are left with 8% of the price with a limit of 30 euros. In the case of computers, the Commission is 6% with a limit of 40 euros.

The key moments in his business, aside from the obvious peak on Christmas, occurs with each presentation of Apple. “There is great movement. Especially with iPads, which are fairly new, special devices and they age well,”exposes.

It is not only the most desirable, but also more renovated. “We see that as soon as it announces a new model, consumers put on sale that have to pay for the purchase of the next,” he explains.

The King of the second hand is iPhone 4, they offer one for 140 euros. Follows the iPhone 5. They also note a transfer of users from iMac to laptops, on all MacBook Pro. Those who have high-definition display are scarce on the resale.

The next step will be to include the sale of supplements and surely offer repair service recommendation. “Is there anything we ask for and we want to add, the possibility of financing the purchases, pay in installments…”, concludes. His goal for 2014 is to keep pace with growth, another 40%.


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