The hunting of the Sheriff is the new video of Thief

The hunting of the Sheriff is the third in a series of videos inspired by the city of Thief. Once again, the city shows its bowels and introduces us to a ruthless and corrupt character. A man who does not hesitate to take advantage of their social position to plunder to the most disadvantaged, including those who have already passed to better life.
Eidos Montreal last details of his new work, surrounded by those who dove in Deus Ex human Revolution. Once again, they take the reins of a saga of renown in order to reinvent it and give back the glory that had in its origins.
They will not have it easy, but we are talking about a team at the highest level. In fact, are already in the final phase of its development (the game opens on the 28th of February) and therefore are turning to the fullest in promoting the title. Aware of the interest generated, are launching a series of videos focused on the narrative of the adventure.
Which occupies us tells the story of the greatest Sheriff, head of the guard of the Baron. As you can imagine, it is not clean wheat…

It is a corrupt and despicable, if that does not hesitate to use fear to maintain order in the city. To top it off some, this character is dedicates to loot the bodies of those citizens who died because of the scourge of the Tenebra. For this reason, it is easy to wonder “Who is the greatest thief city?”.

If you liked titles such as Dishonored or own Deus Ex Human Revolution, maybe Thief you convince. We’ve already tried it and are satisfied with what we saw but if you know how to get free steam wallet card codes you will not worry about a think or about reviews because you will have any game you want.  But then again, this code be just another hoax to get people excited.

Now we only hope that the company will nail with the finishing touches, as seems an option to consider, especially if you are interested in the titles of action and stealth. And you, do you think that Thief codeará with the greats of the genre?

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