Zalando est plus que prêt à visage 2015


Zalando dit croissance des bénéfices pourrait aller au-delà de l’extrémité supérieure de la cible

Zalando Senior citizen Executive dit développement des ventes cette année peut-être dépasser les prévisions de la compagnie après que l’allemand sur le vendeur de style internet posté un deuxième résultat trimestriel tout droit.

Croissance des bénéfices seront à l’extrémité supérieure du tableau 20 à 25 %, ou un peu avant, Zalando a déclaré mardi. Premier trimestre revenus avant la passion et aussi impôt retourne et ajusté pour paiement à base d’actions étaient de 29 millions d’euros ($ 32 millions), comparés à une perte exercice précédent de 23 millions d’euros.
Actions de Zalando, qui incorpore sur internet d’achat avec les fonctions de type magazine style, ont augmenté en fait relative à 30 pour cent, considérant qu’ils ont commencé les échanges en octobre. Le pourvoyeur en ligne est pris en charge par l’imprésario Web allemand Oliver Samwer et aussi agressivement fonctionne avec les concepteurs de logiciels pour maintenir son bourdonnement de site Web et adapter les offres aux acheteurs.

« Nous sommes confiants concernant le reste de l’année », Rubin Ritter, membre du Conseil, a déclaré dans le communiqué, apportent l’entreprise augmentera certainement beaucoup plus à l’étranger. La société a fait valoir qu’il anticipe une marge opérationnelle de 4,5 % cette année, contre une projection précédente pour environ au degré de 2013 de 3,7 p. 100.

L’action échangée peu changé à 28 euros à 09:06 à Francfort. Recettes du premier trimestre a progressé de 29 % à 643,6 millions d’euros. Zalando s’élève code promo zalando 10 euros comme vêtements de printemps demande Spurs optimiste Style en ligne prévisionnel détaillant Zalando vente participation d’une valeur de $ 465 millions Zalando Surge s’épuise après l’introduction en bourse du détaillant de Style Web.


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Contest of Champions – Marvel’s New Game

Excited about another game from Marvel? Well, I am because this new game rocks!  This new is another arcade type fighting game specifically for the Android and iOS.  The game is pretty awesome considering that you get to play heroes from earth and from outer space.

marvel contest of champions

The game takes a scenario where The Collector has harvested so many heroes and controlled them so he can battle it with the great Villan, KangMarvel Contest of Champions is where you create your own team of heroes or villain if you prefer so you can defeat Kang otherwise, if Kang wins, he will have control of the great IOS8 a and completely destroy the Marvel Universe.

It is a free to play game and you can quickly download it to your game.  Like previous marvel games, you can purchase a number of game currencies either to upgrade your hero, get superheroes etc.  I also found a Marvel Contest of Champions Hack were if you don’t want to use your own money and still get those upgrades, you can easily get it by cheating the game with this app tool. (mind you, very few know this tool.)

I also love how smooth the game runs and plays.  Controls is also awesome and easy to do. Simple drag and swipes on my iphone and I can easily create awesome moves with my hero.

But there is one thing I notice is that every fight is only a one time fight and not like the usually arcade where it is like best of three wins.  Still it is very entertaining and feels more realistic, err something.

So there you have it guys, if you still don’t have the game go to your app store and download and test the new Marvel Game – Contest of Champions.

iPhone 6 Plus – Tablet or Smartphone?

Here is an interesting article I read today from–more-tablet-than-smartphone-20141003-10pptl.html

I certainly would agree with the author because of some apps that where once exclusive for the mini is now part of the iPhone 6 Plus.

iphone 6 and iphone 6 plus

Apple’s first phablet behaves more like a tiny tablet than an overgrown phone, but it’s not just for businessfolk on the go.

Two years ago Apple abandoned its one-size-fits-all approach to iPads with the release of the 7.9-inch iPad mini. It was a watershed moment in the post-Jobs age – an acknowledgement that Apple needs to abandon the role of benevolent dictator and stop deciding what’s best for everyone.

This year Apple has done the same for smartphones with the release of the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus alongside the 4.7-inch iPhone 6. You could argue that the iPhone 6 Plus also belongs in the iPad camp and it will be interesting to see who buys it and what they do with it.

The 6 Plus can make phone calls, so technically that makes it an iPhone. But it’s also inherited many of the iOS tweaks reserved for the iPad, such as rotating home screen icons when you turn the device on its side and two-column views in apps like Mail and Notes. The 6 Plus is certainly useful when it comes to getting things done and it can be frustrating to switch back to the 4.7-inch iPhone 6, let alone something smaller.

With both new iPhones on loan from Telstra, I’ve found myself reaching for the iPhone 6 when I need to make a call but the iPhone 6 Plus when I want to look something up in Safari. As I result I find myself holding the 6 Plus more often, because when I reach for an iGadget it’s usually not to make a voice call.

Apple has really put that extra screen real estate on the iPhone 6 Plus to good use. Native apps like Safari can show you more of a webpage, rather than just make everything larger. You actually see more of the page on the iPhone 6 Plus than you do on an iPad. With time third-party developers will also update their apps to make the most of the larger iPhone 6 Plus screen.

While I love the extra screen real estate, I still balk at the idea of carrying around the iPhone 6 Plus and keeping it in my pocket. And that’s coming from someone who actually has large enough hands and pockets to come to grips with a 5.5-inch phablet.

If your hands are on the petite side then you might be even more reluctant to embrace such a large phone – even if you’re going to keep it in a bag rather than a pocket. But don’t write-off the iPhone 6 Plus without weighing it up.

Moving the power button to the side is a sensible change, but iOS8’s Reachability feature is less convincing. You can double-tap lightly on the home button to move everything down the screen so it’s easier to reach, but it feels impractical for many apps when the bottom half of the interface is lost. You might just need to come to terms with the fact that sometimes two hands are required to use a large touchscreen device.

The general consensus has always been that phablets are aimed at productivity-focused business travellers who don’t want to lug around two devices. That makes sense but I think there’s also a market for the iPhone 6 Plus at the opposite end of the spectrum – people who don’t spend a lot of time on the road but can’t justify two devices just for those times when it would suit them to have a larger screen at their fingertips.

If you spend more time sitting on the couch than on a plane, you might decide that the benefits of a larger 6 Plus screen outweigh the downside of the extra bulk in your hands. If you slip it in a bag before you walk out the front door, and you don’t tend to make a lot of calls when you’re away from home, then the extra bulk might not bother you. If it mostly comes out when you want to take a photo then the iPhone 6 Plus’ larger screen and optical image stablisation might win you over (even the iPhone 6’s camera is a step up from its predecessors).

In return you’ve almost got that iPad mini you’ve secretly wanted but haven’t been able to justify when you already own a smartphone and a notebook or desktop computer.

When you look at it this way, the iPhone 6 Plus is perhaps more likely to appeal to shoppers in the market for a small tablet rather than a large phone. It’s a big decision when you’re probably stuck with a new phone for two years and I certainly wouldn’t recommend that someone buy the iPhone 6 Plus sight-unseen. But if you’re sitting on the couch, quietly wishing you had a tablet of your very own, then you shouldn’t dismiss the iPhone 6 Plus without a closer look.

I just hope our previous post on iPhone Emulaor works on the new iPhone 6 especially that the new OS has a number of bugs and still needs a lot of tweaking from apples developers.  Also with today’s file size and the limited space in the new smartphones, you might consider getting an online video storage for your videos or pictures or movies.  Although I will thoroughly discuss it in our next post.

Unepic Review

It is curious what can cheat a game when you take a simple look at their screens. Anyone who look at this Unepic a little over will think that it is a ‘media’, a platform that uses the ‘pixel perfect’ to entice a ‘retro’ public asking increasingly more tributes to the 80s and 90s.
That this Unepic it won’t jump, pick up objects, potions, kill the enemies and is already. It has much more crumb, as well as a very ‘patriotic’ humor born from a hobby excessive by role-playing games and some typical rules of their games that give it a veneer of depth which, as I said before, no one would imagine a development with a few ‘pints as well’.
The story is very simple and so elemental that four buddies are playing a game of role, with a Dungeons & Dragons (Second Edition) and both drinking beers, one of them needs to go to the bathroom, with such bad luck that light goes off and when you turn on your burner now is not at your friend’s House, but in a dark Dungeon filled with monsters and skulls.
Platforms, and roleplaying
And here begins the game. Unepic is a title that refers to an astounding ease since it uses the old canons of the genre of platforms and if only for this reason, we’ll realize quickly what we can do. Obviously not everyone will be jumping or take weapons to go beating enemies If you have a point of ‘originality’ is that a developing so many of those rules of the role pure have been incorporated are going.
In this way our hero will have an inventory of objects that can gather while kill the enemies or opening chests, breaking some objects of screens, as barrels and buy vendors scattered around the Dungeon. These, by the way, have an essential role since our hero at the beginning does not have any expertise or acquired class and only as we collect swords, maces, bows and arrows or different ‘ tiers’ can specialize in a class specific.
This choice of class is not performed style devil, where in the same menu of the start of the game and we chose a barbarian or a wizard, but it is through the use of weapons, the clothes we put him and the powers that we are learning how you configure it completely. This gives the game an enormous complexity since many of the enemies are more sensitive to some types of attacks than others and as do not have clear what we want to be, we could end up conceiving a ‘mixed’ class is never the best choice for a title role.
Our protagonist, in addition, comply with other rules of a role-playing game: levels. To win his enemies will be getting experience points that allow you to upload ‘LVL’ which translates into a greater power that, unfortunately, is neutralized by a greater difficulty of the enemies. Do you sound?
If you are fans of role-playing games you’ll be very accustomed to these rules and Unepic look like you really great so it has mirror of these Dungeons & Dragons that have captivated generations of kids in recent decades. If you have not heard or never played with one of them,  by the way in which the guys from Unepic have carried out this amazing game RPG and platforms.
Difficult but with much logic
The difficulty of the game can be selected and we have it from the easiest to the most high, but even in the lowest, there are a number of rules that must be respected for not dying every few screens. Keep in mind that each one of the obstacles that exist in the game are designed so that our hero combat them as you would in the Board game so you have to be very cautious to damage caused by us or the time lasting some harmful effects. Logically there is no shift and everything is played continuously, but you should know that there are places where the dangers are not but are there. What’s more, even when we enter the pause menu the game never stops, so if you make use of to organize the inventory when a dragon comes you to attack,  or you will die between terrible suffering.
Precisely one of the funniest moments comes when we get into water with leeches that begin to eat us life and when we leave them believing us saved, is that we will access inventory and see that one of those parasites us has crept between potions, weapons and magical powders. So we evacuated from there, or will continue to tug while we escape from the waters already makes some screens.
The game is organized like a huge maze completely off 2D where we must go opening ways to try to return home. Those corridors will be able to see them thanks to the torch we carry over and that will help us to go leaving illuminated sites that we are going through. In this way we will make us a much sharper image of the path that we took while we imagine where we can take.
These dungeons come and go with dozens of rooms that may seem closed and have no output but that do lead us to new phases where it changes not only the stage, but also enemies. With pinpoint accuracy, Unepic will make increasingly difficult the game, going up the fingerboard of the difficulty to adapt to the evolution that leads our ‘char’. In this way all what we are learning in terms of powers, weapons or clothes, allow us to walk by those new places without fear to die at the first hurdle.
Unepic is not left alone in a back and forth across the map. Distributed by their screens there are NPC that are crucial in the game because that will enable us to get items and, more important still, stop us making potions or get secondary missions that will give us as rewards certain knowledge essential to the evolution of our hero. So stay tuned.
The best version of Unepic, in Wii U
Wii U can boast of having the most complete edition which has been in the market of Unepic. After leaving for computer (which not for Steam, still), the Nintendo console welcomes which is the version that is easier to use and manage, in part, thanks to your Gamepad and your screen that will allow us to carry inventory in sight at all times. This makes what we see on TV is much more and free numbers or indicators that, like it or not, always end up distracting.
Graphically can already see it, by screens or video, and isn’t really a game worthy of the present generation, but without a doubt it’s a mirage since his true grace is not in the beauty that is all but in the depth of his way of playing, that we need to understand the perspective of the role, and never action.
If we start to play with Unepic as if it were a Mario Bros in which we want to kill the enemies by jumping on them without heed to the inventory and objects that we collect, we will be removing 90% of his grace, of his magic. And will amuse us only if we understand that every decision we make affects what we can do in the game and how it will be possible to kill more easily to a devil or a worm and that if we do not think it enough all what we will become an unplayable nightmare.
Unepic is a game for perfect out and a great excuse for those to which these rules of Dungeon & Dragons are completely not learn them and enjoy within a development platforms that well Nintendo could have signed it in the 90s for a SNES cartridge.
A very good game that, Yes, you must enjoy it with much calm, understanding what you do and how do you. If not, will lose much of its enormous magic.

The hunting of the Sheriff is the new video of Thief

The hunting of the Sheriff is the third in a series of videos inspired by the city of Thief. Once again, the city shows its bowels and introduces us to a ruthless and corrupt character. A man who does not hesitate to take advantage of their social position to plunder to the most disadvantaged, including those who have already passed to better life.
Eidos Montreal last details of his new work, surrounded by those who dove in Deus Ex human Revolution. Once again, they take the reins of a saga of renown in order to reinvent it and give back the glory that had in its origins.
They will not have it easy, but we are talking about a team at the highest level. In fact, are already in the final phase of its development (the game opens on the 28th of February) and therefore are turning to the fullest in promoting the title. Aware of the interest generated, are launching a series of videos focused on the narrative of the adventure.
Which occupies us tells the story of the greatest Sheriff, head of the guard of the Baron. As you can imagine, it is not clean wheat…

It is a corrupt and despicable, if that does not hesitate to use fear to maintain order in the city. To top it off some, this character is dedicates to loot the bodies of those citizens who died because of the scourge of the Tenebra. For this reason, it is easy to wonder “Who is the greatest thief city?”.

If you liked titles such as Dishonored or own Deus Ex Human Revolution, maybe Thief you convince. We’ve already tried it and are satisfied with what we saw but if you know how to get free steam wallet card codes you will not worry about a think or about reviews because you will have any game you want.  But then again, this code be just another hoax to get people excited.

Now we only hope that the company will nail with the finishing touches, as seems an option to consider, especially if you are interested in the titles of action and stealth. And you, do you think that Thief codeará with the greats of the genre?

Have you read our previous post on Asphalt 8?  This game continues to evolve each month!