iPhone Emulators

Of the thousands of Firefox extensions, today I present a pilot which is actually an emulator for iPhone in Firefox.

You can not expect all the experience of an iPhone in Firefox, that of course. Offers what the iPhone interface to navigate. It is not particularly useful but it can be practical for Web developers.

Basically, if you want to know what will look like your website on an iPhone or mobile phone you can load this extension and have a very rough version of as your readers addicted to Apple’s device would see it.

To do this simply install the extension and launch it from file-> Open Location (iPhone mode)

firefox iphone

iPhone Drift is an iPhone emulator for PC. It can be downloaded free, and you can use it for various purposes: for pure pleasure, or to check the appearance of your own website in iPhone devices, if you aren’t lucky enough to have one to test it directly.

Done with iPhone Drift means acquiring a free iPhone. The only difference is that this will not leave never the PC, reducing its existence to a virtual, not inconsiderable level. Among the operations that you can perform with iPhone Drift, the surf the Web, play videos from Youtube, or find locations in Google Maps.

In terms of management, iPhone Drift allows you carry out a series of interesting operations, such as rotate the device horizontally, position it freely in any part of the screen, etc. is much more than a browser!

Note: to use iPhone Drift in your PC, you need to have installed the Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 component.

iphone drift

It has the same appearance that the iPhone, looks like a lot but is not an iPhone, called iPhoney and it is an interface that allows you to see how is a web page from the iPhone.

Nor is it a set emulator that does not allow to run applications or to emulate the functions of the iPhone, except perhaps web-based applications. You can check your pages to 320 x 480 or 480 x 320 pixels.

It is a good attempt of emulation of the interface of the iPhone, instead of your web browsing, but it is very limited. There is no way to zoom or data entry system can be of the real iPhone. However, it is ideal for original screenshots for your blog on Mac.


Air iPhone

The AIR iPhone is a desktop application created with Adobe AIR and Adobe Flex 3, it simulates the UI of the iPhone. It has the capabilities to make calls, receive calls, check voicemail, add contacts and even send voice messages, all using Ribbit. To use the calling functionality you will need an account with Ribbit, you can get one here Register.

gba emulator

And lastly, probably one of my favorite emulators is the GameBoy Advance emulator for iphone.  why?  Well, if you love playing classic games and I mean games from gameboy advance or other classic nintendo games, you will love this.  Of course it doesn’t look nice if an older guy continues to carry around a gameboy, right.  The solution is a Gameboy advance emulator for your ios device so you can just load the roms to your iphone and play your favorite nintendo game.  Pretty cool? I say YES!