iPhone 6 Plus – Tablet or Smartphone?

Here is an interesting article I read today from http://www.smh.com.au/digital-life/computers/gadgets-on-the-go/iphone-6-plus–more-tablet-than-smartphone-20141003-10pptl.html

I certainly would agree with the author because of some apps that where once exclusive for the mini is now part of the iPhone 6 Plus.

iphone 6 and iphone 6 plus

Apple’s first phablet behaves more like a tiny tablet than an overgrown phone, but it’s not just for businessfolk on the go.

Two years ago Apple abandoned its one-size-fits-all approach to iPads with the release of the 7.9-inch iPad mini. It was a watershed moment in the post-Jobs age – an acknowledgement that Apple needs to abandon the role of benevolent dictator and stop deciding what’s best for everyone.

This year Apple has done the same for smartphones with the release of the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus alongside the 4.7-inch iPhone 6. You could argue that the iPhone 6 Plus also belongs in the iPad camp and it will be interesting to see who buys it and what they do with it.

The 6 Plus can make phone calls, so technically that makes it an iPhone. But it’s also inherited many of the iOS tweaks reserved for the iPad, such as rotating home screen icons when you turn the device on its side and two-column views in apps like Mail and Notes. The 6 Plus is certainly useful when it comes to getting things done and it can be frustrating to switch back to the 4.7-inch iPhone 6, let alone something smaller.

With both new iPhones on loan from Telstra, I’ve found myself reaching for the iPhone 6 when I need to make a call but the iPhone 6 Plus when I want to look something up in Safari. As I result I find myself holding the 6 Plus more often, because when I reach for an iGadget it’s usually not to make a voice call.

Apple has really put that extra screen real estate on the iPhone 6 Plus to good use. Native apps like Safari can show you more of a webpage, rather than just make everything larger. You actually see more of the page on the iPhone 6 Plus than you do on an iPad. With time third-party developers will also update their apps to make the most of the larger iPhone 6 Plus screen.

While I love the extra screen real estate, I still balk at the idea of carrying around the iPhone 6 Plus and keeping it in my pocket. And that’s coming from someone who actually has large enough hands and pockets to come to grips with a 5.5-inch phablet.

If your hands are on the petite side then you might be even more reluctant to embrace such a large phone – even if you’re going to keep it in a bag rather than a pocket. But don’t write-off the iPhone 6 Plus without weighing it up.

Moving the power button to the side is a sensible change, but iOS8’s Reachability feature is less convincing. You can double-tap lightly on the home button to move everything down the screen so it’s easier to reach, but it feels impractical for many apps when the bottom half of the interface is lost. You might just need to come to terms with the fact that sometimes two hands are required to use a large touchscreen device.

The general consensus has always been that phablets are aimed at productivity-focused business travellers who don’t want to lug around two devices. That makes sense but I think there’s also a market for the iPhone 6 Plus at the opposite end of the spectrum – people who don’t spend a lot of time on the road but can’t justify two devices just for those times when it would suit them to have a larger screen at their fingertips.

If you spend more time sitting on the couch than on a plane, you might decide that the benefits of a larger 6 Plus screen outweigh the downside of the extra bulk in your hands. If you slip it in a bag before you walk out the front door, and you don’t tend to make a lot of calls when you’re away from home, then the extra bulk might not bother you. If it mostly comes out when you want to take a photo then the iPhone 6 Plus’ larger screen and optical image stablisation might win you over (even the iPhone 6’s camera is a step up from its predecessors).

In return you’ve almost got that iPad mini you’ve secretly wanted but haven’t been able to justify when you already own a smartphone and a notebook or desktop computer.

When you look at it this way, the iPhone 6 Plus is perhaps more likely to appeal to shoppers in the market for a small tablet rather than a large phone. It’s a big decision when you’re probably stuck with a new phone for two years and I certainly wouldn’t recommend that someone buy the iPhone 6 Plus sight-unseen. But if you’re sitting on the couch, quietly wishing you had a tablet of your very own, then you shouldn’t dismiss the iPhone 6 Plus without a closer look.

I just hope our previous post on iPhone Emulaor works on the new iPhone 6 especially that the new OS has a number of bugs and still needs a lot of tweaking from apples developers.  Also with today’s file size and the limited space in the new smartphones, you might consider getting an online video storage for your videos or pictures or movies.  Although I will thoroughly discuss it in our next post.


New Update for Asphalt 8 – Hack and Cheats

I just love it when you use the updated Asphalt 8 Hack.  You know why?  Because you get to purchase right away the latest and hottest cars that have been added to the menu.

You see, this are no ordinary cars.  This are the signature cars from Ferrari and Pagani.  They all represent the names of huge and big companies in the world.

asphalt 8 hack laferrari

So what are this cars included in the new version 1.2.0?  Well, I would definitely say this is my favorite!  The all mighty LaFerrari by Ferrari.  With this parked in your garage is Asphalt 8: Airborne, you will have that certain distinct pride that cannot be explained in plain and simple words.

Another favorite that you would most like want to have added in your set of exotic hot cars is the 2014 Pagani Huayra.  Another most wanted.

But don’t worry about how to hack Asphalt 8 because I am going to show you just where to get the latest cheat tool and mod for this game.  The cool thing about the cheat is you also get the best boost – NITROS.  Yes, and I mean unlimited nitros for your asphalt 8 v1.2.

So there you have it, the new updated cheat tool not only includes having unlimited credits so you can get to purchase the new rides but also get a maximum boost for your car with unlimited nitros to get your cars high in the sky and make that awesome flip.

Oh and I almost forgot. here is the link to the Asphalt 8 mod.


iPhone Emulators

Of the thousands of Firefox extensions, today I present a pilot which is actually an emulator for iPhone in Firefox.

You can not expect all the experience of an iPhone in Firefox, that of course. Offers what the iPhone interface to navigate. It is not particularly useful but it can be practical for Web developers.

Basically, if you want to know what will look like your website on an iPhone or mobile phone you can load this extension and have a very rough version of as your readers addicted to Apple’s device would see it.

To do this simply install the extension and launch it from file-> Open Location (iPhone mode)

firefox iphone

iPhone Drift is an iPhone emulator for PC. It can be downloaded free, and you can use it for various purposes: for pure pleasure, or to check the appearance of your own website in iPhone devices, if you aren’t lucky enough to have one to test it directly.

Done with iPhone Drift means acquiring a free iPhone. The only difference is that this will not leave never the PC, reducing its existence to a virtual, not inconsiderable level. Among the operations that you can perform with iPhone Drift, the surf the Web, play videos from Youtube, or find locations in Google Maps.

In terms of management, iPhone Drift allows you carry out a series of interesting operations, such as rotate the device horizontally, position it freely in any part of the screen, etc. is much more than a browser!

Note: to use iPhone Drift in your PC, you need to have installed the Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 component.

iphone drift

It has the same appearance that the iPhone, looks like a lot but is not an iPhone, called iPhoney and it is an interface that allows you to see how is a web page from the iPhone.

Nor is it a set emulator that does not allow to run applications or to emulate the functions of the iPhone, except perhaps web-based applications. You can check your pages to 320 x 480 or 480 x 320 pixels.

It is a good attempt of emulation of the interface of the iPhone, instead of your web browsing, but it is very limited. There is no way to zoom or data entry system can be of the real iPhone. However, it is ideal for original screenshots for your blog on Mac.


Air iPhone

The AIR iPhone is a desktop application created with Adobe AIR and Adobe Flex 3, it simulates the UI of the iPhone. It has the capabilities to make calls, receive calls, check voicemail, add contacts and even send voice messages, all using Ribbit. To use the calling functionality you will need an account with Ribbit, you can get one here Register.

gba emulator

And lastly, probably one of my favorite emulators is the GameBoy Advance emulator for iphone.  why?  Well, if you love playing classic games and I mean games from gameboy advance or other classic nintendo games, you will love this.  Of course it doesn’t look nice if an older guy continues to carry around a gameboy, right.  The solution is a Gameboy advance emulator for your ios device so you can just load the roms to your iphone and play your favorite nintendo game.  Pretty cool? I say YES!

iPhone 4, the King of the Second Hand?

There is a legend that Apple products are expensive. It also said that they keep its value longer. First thing is difficult to ascertain, regardless of brand, they are hardly comparable with other similar products. There is no iPhones, iPads or Macs from other manufacturers. Hardware and software go hand in hand and are key to the achievement of their success.

Of the value you can check on apples used, a website where individuals offer their products of Apple. From computers a 5S brought United States iPhone vintage before that is sold in other countries.

Pelayo García (Luanco, 1984) launched this website in April 2012, alongside Javier Gutiérrez Galiano (Oviedo, 1971). The first is still in front of it. The second is in Latin America, studying the possibility of extending the business. “It could be and there is demand, but we would have to see how to make so that it is always within the same country, and study the terms of delivery and collection. Otherwise, it would be extended and would be too expensive,”says Garcia.

In places like Argentina, for example, they see it difficult. The firm’s Cupertino does not sell appliances officially due to government restrictions. It is necessary that they manufactured in the territory, although that manufacture means they are assembled. That is why Samsung, Nokia and Blackberry have factories in the country. Apple devices sold are imported and brought directly by tourists. “It’s funny, they care very much for our service. You don’t mind paying double the price marked”, he explains.

In Spain the deadlines are agreed between seller and buyer. The average is 48 hours of pick-up and 24 for delivery according to the agreement closed with the company’s deliveries Nacex. “Although everything depends on if both are at home at the time of collection and delivery,” said.

Despite the current economic situation, they say not to notice the crisis too. They just overcome a turnover of 500,000 euros from birth and in a year have grown by 40%. This has served to expand template, now have someone to support.

iphone 4s

Their benefits come from a Commission charged to the seller. The buyer, in turn, runs with shipping costs. “Is is that everyone go out winning”, underlines the responsibility. In the case of an iPad, iPhone or iPod are left with 8% of the price with a limit of 30 euros. In the case of computers, the Commission is 6% with a limit of 40 euros.

The key moments in his business, aside from the obvious peak on Christmas, occurs with each presentation of Apple. “There is great movement. Especially with iPads, which are fairly new, special devices and they age well,”exposes.

It is not only the most desirable, but also more renovated. “We see that as soon as it announces a new model, consumers put on sale that have to pay for the purchase of the next,” he explains.

The King of the second hand is iPhone 4, they offer one for 140 euros. Follows the iPhone 5. They also note a transfer of users from iMac to laptops, on all MacBook Pro. Those who have high-definition display are scarce on the resale.

The next step will be to include the sale of supplements and surely offer repair service recommendation. “Is there anything we ask for and we want to add, the possibility of financing the purchases, pay in installments…”, concludes. His goal for 2014 is to keep pace with growth, another 40%.

Buy iPhone 5S or Attached To A Company – Which is Better?

iphone 5sThe two latest phones from Apple, iPhone 5S and 5 c iPhone finally came. Which company has the best prices tag? I have to tie me to a contract? Or it is worth spending money for it without the contract?
By parties. The two mobile phones are available in Spain since Friday, October 25 in companies, Movistar, Orange, Vodafone and Yoigo. They will also be available at the Apple store, completely free.
Prior to Determining the different offers of the company, we warn that any is better than buy the phone free Apple. Release pull the 599 euros that costs 5 c iPhone or the iPhone 699 5S can be extremely painful for our coffers, but in the long run is good for us.

Here are Three Companies worth looking at:

Movistar not subsidized phones, but yes funds we sell the iPhone. You can pay in up to 24 monthly installments, without interest, but having to pay a Commission of 9%, so the iPhone 16 GB (599 euros free) 5 c would include us finally 652,91 euros. That same Committee raise 5S iPhone (free 699 euros) in 62,91 euros, so we would consist 761,90 euros.
At these prices will be added the rate that we have hired. Movistar will not bind any of the two phones at any rate in concrete or any clause of permanence.
Vodafone it subsidizes part of the expenditure of the 5S iPhone, but to change we will have to sign a stay of 18 months. Fees for the iPhone 5S will be 24.2 euros.

If we hire a network fee, we will pay a fee of 42 euros per month committing ourselves to be 18 months with the company. Thus, pay in total by phone 580 euros (24 monthly payments of 24, 2 euros) more 756 18 months of rate network, so we end up disbursing 1.336 euros.
Orange:  Offers an iPhone 5S 19,36 euros a month for 24 months – in payments by iPhone 5S – more 19 euros in commissions, so the phone would cost 483,64 euros.
But to qualify for that price, we will have to hire rate 35 whale, which costs 42 euros a month and which requires a stay of 12 months, i.e. that the 484 euros in the price of the phone should add 508 euros which gives us a total of 992 euro.

The iPhone And The Prospects For New Year’s Eve

Sales and forecasts for Apple’s iPhone, which will be reported on Monday, could offer clues about the performance of its model of low cost 5 c, key to learn if the world’s largest technology company can continue with success in his career by the commercialization of advanced phones.

iphone 5s
Recently, raised signs that demand for the cheaper iPhone that exists on the market is lagging behind the high-end 5S model, since offered discounts have not been sufficient to motivate purchases in emerging markets. Both models of the iPhone came to the market in September.
However, some analysts say that the concerns are overblown and that greater shipments of the iPhone 5S will result in improved margins and profits.
Apple will announce its quarterly results just a week after having submitted an improved version of its popular iPad tablet, named as iPad Air. But it is the iPhone, which represents more than half of the profits of the company and is its largest margin, which occupies a central place in the concerns of the firm.
Expected Apple to announce sales of between 33 and 36 million iPhones in the fourth fiscal quarter that ended in September, which would rise to more than 50 million in the quarter from end of year holidays.
This will be the first full quarter of sales of two new phones from Apple. “The news media about reductions in the production of the 5 c are misleading in our opinion, taking into account what we believe to you have been a general strengthening of the production of the 5S and the 5 c,” said analyst Cowen & Co Timothy Arcuri in a research note.
Apple has been under pressure over the past two years to boost sales of its iPhones and iPads, in moments in which rival Samsung Electronics and the cheaper devices based on Google’s Android operating system have removed U.S. market share.
Shares of Apple have risen 12.5 percent since August, when the investor Carl Icahn revealed that they had a great stake in the maker of the iPhone and began making appeals for a new program of repurchase of shares, increasing hopes for a greater return of cash to shareholders.