Xbox One – A New Generation Of Control

A new generation of consoles brings improvements that we take for granted, like a graphic jump. Also more possibilities such as multi-tasking and custom that grow the potential online services. However, the games and applications not could go beyond without progress in control, something in which companies try to innovate constantly. Xbox One, with his new command and Kinect, promises to reach levels never seen in this area.

Xbox One
The command of the first Xbox, originally quite large, it was redesigned in their first years of life, thinking about the Japanese market, and became smaller. Both liked this new design Microsoft (Berlin: MSF.BE – News) extended it to all over the world. Then, Xbox 360 inherited a similar, but wireless controller even more ergonomic, and with an appearance in the line of the new console. The improvement was evident. And even if the Xbox 360 is very well valued among the players, the company did not want to stay there.
With Xbox One, Microsoft has addressed a task as ambitious as improving a product with few cracks and who liked, instead of embracing what’s “if something works, don’t change it”. The company has decided to change for better e include no less than 40 technological innovations on the remote control, which promote three aspects: immersion, precision and comfort.
The triggers are, perhaps, one of the most important elements in improving the dive through the remote control. They are fitted with vibration offered ‘feedback’ to the player in different actions, such as brake or acceleration in a racing game, shots and explosions in one of shooting or the heartbeat in a game of terror. At the moment, the title that will better leverage it is Forza 5, but Microsoft has performed shows with various genres in fairs as the E3, demonstrating that the possibilities are enormous.
No less important are the analog sticks on a remote control; why Microsoft has redesigned them, being now slightly smaller and with a new texture, what does that they require a 25 percent less force to be moved, improving the accuracy at the time of sign up, for example. The cross, for its part, has also suffered a small metamorphosis, in the style of classic, thinking commanders in “offer more precision and tactile feedback when playing”.
For its part, the buttons have also undergone a slight facelift and now not only have a higher quality appearance (with a manufacturing process in three steps that allows, for example, that the letters inside are suspended in 3D); they have also been relocated to make the transition from each other faster.
On the other hand, has been also improved the transfer rate between the controller and the console, for example allowing a higher audio fidelity in the ‘car’. In addition, each control uses a combination of invisible reflective technology and LED to send a signal to the console and Kinect. This makes it easier to match controls and also the sensor associated with each command who is using it (this allows, for example, the game to automatically move the corresponding side of a screen split into multiplayer so you are opposite the appropriate player).
Finally, the new management ingeligente of the battery of the remote control system is also key. The play a film or television, will enter into power state low to not spend, but at the time that the user collect it, reflashes.
The Xbox One command is also slightly smaller and more ergonomic than its predecessor, the result of “extensive testing in a wide range of ages”. The company ensures that this new driver has been “optimized for as many people as possible” and “performance in the play” and grants “greater comfort during long periods of time”. In addition, buttons and triggers higher angle has been changed so that it best suits the fingers and space for the AA batteries has been built “inside” command, so there is more room for the fingers on the back.

But the Xbox One command will not be only. Another of the major advances in control is that it comes standard with a very evolved for Kinect version, popular Microsoft voice and motion sensor. The new generation of Kinect improvement in everything his predecessor, both in detectability of gestures and audio and sold along with Xbox One, will be fully integrated in the menus and developers can always take this into account for use in their games.
The new sensor now recognizes the bodies of players much closer and completely in the dark, so it will be much more convenient to use in the classroom. In addition, it is so precise that it is able to detect if the muscles of the players are in tension and even calculate your heart rate. Some of these features are already being exploited by video games like Kinect Rivals, that will accompany its launch day Xbox One, but in the future it will appear many more.
Microsoft has done various shows at fairs like Los Angeles E3 or Gamescom in Cologne and the possibilities of Kinect games are amazing. Combined with the remote control will be like adding many more buttons – intangible, that Yes – that interact in a completely intuitive way, as recognized without problems to players being seated. In this way, it will be possible to move a hand so to become a rocket launcher, protect us face to use a shield or move sideways to Dodge, to cite some examples shown by the company with a demo of a ‘shooter’.
However, no less important will be the role that will play Kinect to interact with the menu of the console and its online functions and social. To begin, start the player profile that is placed front and will recognize a number of people at the same time, with which you can switch from one another easily. This will cause that the configurations and achievements of each other, are loaded automatically it will be perfect for homes with several members that they normally used the console.
You will obey their voices and be able to recognize more than one at a time. In this way, you can skip an option to another with just tell them to the console and use features that require great agility when you don’t want to drop the command, as in the middle of a game. One of the functions that will leverage very well control voice will be the video capture. Xbox One is designed to go recording automatically the last 30 seconds of the game, with the goal that never miss an unrepeatable moment that we want to share. When something happens, we can say “That record Xbox,”, and you’re ready to share.