Contest of Champions – Marvel’s New Game

Excited about another game from Marvel? Well, I am because this new game rocks!  This new is another arcade type fighting game specifically for the Android and iOS.  The game is pretty awesome considering that you get to play heroes from earth and from outer space.

marvel contest of champions

The game takes a scenario where The Collector has harvested so many heroes and controlled them so he can battle it with the great Villan, KangMarvel Contest of Champions is where you create your own team of heroes or villain if you prefer so you can defeat Kang otherwise, if Kang wins, he will have control of the great IOS8 a and completely destroy the Marvel Universe.

It is a free to play game and you can quickly download it to your game.  Like previous marvel games, you can purchase a number of game currencies either to upgrade your hero, get superheroes etc.  I also found a Marvel Contest of Champions Hack were if you don’t want to use your own money and still get those upgrades, you can easily get it by cheating the game with this app tool. (mind you, very few know this tool.)

I also love how smooth the game runs and plays.  Controls is also awesome and easy to do. Simple drag and swipes on my iphone and I can easily create awesome moves with my hero.

But there is one thing I notice is that every fight is only a one time fight and not like the usually arcade where it is like best of three wins.  Still it is very entertaining and feels more realistic, err something.

So there you have it guys, if you still don’t have the game go to your app store and download and test the new Marvel Game – Contest of Champions.